Adults Horsemanship Course

Want to learn more about horses?

We are running a six week course (15years up) to teach people about looking after horses. No riding will be involved so great for non riders who need to help with the care of horses. This is designed to compliment your riding lessons.

Sessions are 1 hour over six weeks. 50% deposit and balance on first day of course. Please email for next course dates.

Week 1:
  • How to catch and turn out safely
  • How to lead correctly
  • Remove and replace covers
  • Grooming and hoof care
  • How to saddle and bridle correctly (martingales and breastplates)
  • How to check your tack fits correctly
Week 2:
  • Shoeing- Farrier to give demonstration and talk
  • Recognize when re-shoeing is needed, and what to look for in a well shod horse
  • Remove a shoe
Week 3:
  • How to tie up correctly with a quick release knot
  • How and why we clip
  • Demonstration on clipping- all to have a go
  • Demonstration on plaiting – all to have a go
Week 4:
  • How to tack correctly for lunging
    (bandages/boots, side-reins, whip, lunge rein)
  • Demonstration – how to lunge safely- all to have a go
  • Benefits and purpose of lunging
Week 5:
  • Take apart a bridle, clean and reassemble
  • Different type of bits used and how they work
  • Feeding
  • Identify different types of feeds
  • Basic first aid (when to call a vet)
  • Signs of colic and distress
  • How to worm a horse
Week 6:
  • Prepare a horse for travel
  • Load a horse on to a horse float
  • Revision
  • If time, special requests on anything you would like to do that we haven’t covered

* Topic covered may vary slightly depending on time.