Riding School

Hello and welcome to Thompsons Horse Centre, we hope you enjoy your horse riding at our facilities.  If you have any queries please ask your instructor, or feel free to contact Jacqui Thompson (Director) to discuss anything or gain more information.


Opening hours * Tuesday – Thursday afternoons and evening.  Saturday and Sundays 9am -5pm (closed public holidays)


Assessment lesson

Your first lesson at THC will be an assessment (one on one) lesson, regardless of your experience.  This enables us to assess your ability and what horse would best suit you and what you would need to work on going forward in future lessons.  After doing the assessment lesson the instructor will tell you what type of lessons will suit you and the number of private lessons you will need, with the possibility of later joining group lessons. If you are experienced you may be able to join a group straight after the assessment.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to get the most out of lessons, especially if you have goals you want to work towards.  These are great for riders that aren’t confident at walk, trot and canter, or who are new to riding, this enables you to improve at a faster rate than group lessons. These lessons are structured to individual needs and capabilities.

Group Lessons

These are for riders who are reasonably confident at all gaits (walk, trot, canter) this is also a great way to watch other riders which gives an opportunity to learn from other people.  If you want to join a group lesson you need to be able to rise to the trot independently, without the assistance of the lunge rope or hanging off the reins for balance.

Tiny Tots

For 3- 5 year olds we do 15min lead cost is $40-00. If child refuses to get on payment will still be charged.

LESSONS OR FARM RIDES (payment cash or Internet banking– no eftpos available)

Internet banking may be done but must be paid prior to lesson, if paying use name and date of the lesson as reference please. 

Lesson Prices

Individual 30min $75-00
Individual 45 min $105-00
2 riders together– 40min $75-00 per person
3 riders together – 50min $75-00 per person
4-6 riders together – 60min $75-00 per person
Tiny tot leads (3-5 years) 15min $40-00 per child
Group bookings POA

Helmets and boots are provided. Riders 90kg weight limit


This must be paid in advance, are valid for 12 months and Non refundable.

5 lessons = $340-00    10 Lessons = $675-00

Please arrive at least 10mins before your lesson is due to start as we are unable to make up time due to lessons booked after yours. Mounting and dismounting is included in your lesson time.


48 Hours notice is required for canceling a booked lesson, otherwise a $38-00 cancellation fee will be charged which is payable at the time of your next lesson.  Failure to turn up for a lesson without notifying us will also incur a $38-00 fee.

giftvoucher Gift vouchers are available